Worm Breeder's Gazette 5(1): 4

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Caenorhabditis Genetics Center

D. Riddle, P. Swanson

The Caehorhabditis Genetics Center (CGC), sponsored by the National 
Institute on Aging, was funded on September 30, 1979.  Dr. Don Murray 
is the NIA Project Officer.  As you know, the CGC is to be responsible 
for strain acquisition, banking and distribution.  Strains will be 
available without cost to all qualified investigators pursuing 
genetics-related studies with C.  elegans.  Other CGC functions will 
include maintenance of the genetic map, coordination of genetic 
nomenclature and maintenance of a current data bank on all strains, 
including bibliographic information.  During the first year, we will 
be developing a computerized system for storage and retrieval of this 
information.  The program will be designed to allow other labs with 
CRT terminals remote access to the computer data files.
We have recently mailed a questionnaire regarding your anticipated 
use of the Center's services.  Since your responses may help us to 
modify the design of the services to be offered, we would appreciate 
your returning those questionnaires as soon as possible if you have 
not already done so.  If you did not receive our mailing and 
anticipate using the CGC, please contact us.  We plan to maintain a 
complete library of articles on Caenorhabditis, so we would appreciate 
it if you also would send us one copy of each of your Caenorhabditis 
publications.  We have recently done a retrospective search of the 
literature and will soon be distributing a complete C.  elegans 
bibliography as a supplement to this Newsletter.  The new bibliography 
contains about 350 references, and we plan to update it with each 
future issue of the Newsletter.
We would like to thank Bob Herman for the excellent job he has done 
as a volunteer stock distribution center.  The immensely valuable work 
that Bob Herman and Bob Horvitz have done on the genetic map surely is 
apparent to everyone.  Bob Herman will be supplying us with many 
strains he has received from other laboratories and we hope to have a 
relatively up-to-date C.  elegans collection in a few months.  The CGC 
is scheduled to be fully operational by the Fall of 1980, but some 
services are available now.